EVA Foam Katana Cosplay Tutorial – Mitsuri Kanroji (Demon Slayer) – 鬼滅の刃

How we made a strong Katana out of EVA Foam for Cosplay! See how we constructed and painted the sword for Mitsuri from Demon Slayer! (Kimetsu no Yaiba)

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Materials List:
2mm EVA Foam, 3mm or 4mm EVA Foam & 10mm EVA Foam – Find at online suppliers such as Lumin’s Workshop, Red Moon Cosplay Solutions & Cosplay Supplies or in store at Joann’s
Aluminum Rod 3mm – Find at your local hardware store
Contact Adhesive- https://geni.us/kinpatsucontactcement
Cling Wrap – https://geni.us/kinpatsuclingwrap
Markers – https://geni.us/kinpatsumarkers
Createx Quicksilver Chrome – https://geni.us/kinpatsuchromepaint
Createx Illustration Magenta – https://geni.us/kinpatsumagentapaint
Createx Wicked Jet Black – https://geni.us/kinpatsujetblackpaint
Createx Wicked Yellow – https://geni.us/kinpatsuyellowpaint
Createx Wicked Florescent Aqua – https://geni.us/kinpatsuaquapaint
Createx Wicket White – https://geni.us/kinpatsuwhitepaint

Tool List:
Airbrush – https://geni.us/kinpatsuairbrush
Airbrush Compressor – https://geni.us/kinpatsucompressor
Craft knife – https://geni.us/kinpatsucraftknife
Cutting Mat – https://geni.us/kinpatsucuttingmat
Hot Glue Gun – https://geni.us/kinpatsuhotglue
Heat Gun – https://geni.us/kinpatsuheatgun
Rotary Tool – https://geni.us/kinpatsurotarytool

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